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Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Disintegrating Ecco Shoes

So the soles of my Ecco shoes -- a nice pair of Oxfords I hadn't worn for a while -- started disintegrating at work yesterday.  Chunks were falling out of them all over the floor.


I searched online and found this article ( about it from 2010, with a lot of rants from soon-to-be-ex-Ecco customers.

I called Ecco customer service, who said I could return the shoes in a prepaid bag for a "warranty analysis", which sounds like a squirrely way of getting out of doing anything for me.  Not sure what I expect, but some kind of "Tylenol-class" customer service behavior might have saved this brand for me.

Doesn’t look like it.  Either they’ve written off the victims or they don’t know how to do industrial grade customer service.  In any case, hard to see taking a risk on another pair.  Maybe they’ve solved the problem, and maybe they haven’t, but who wants to find out.  There are plenty of nice-looking comfort shoes whose soles don’t disintegrate.