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Friday, May 10, 2013

Maybe This Chutzpah Project Thing Has Something Going…

So, yesterday, I had a big meeting to attend, one where I’m supposed to do great things but in fact have been pretty much unnoticed in the hustle and bustle (somehow, despite my charm and good looks…).

In the past, I’ve longed to get out of going, and have used some excuses to do so.

And yesterday morning I was full of them: I had gotten in late the night before, there had been a chance I’d be out of town that day anyhow (which meant, I thought, that I wouldn’t be missed).

But because of mindfulness, I had an inkling that these were excuses, and what was lurking beneath was The Fear: they will ignore me (which, as I have said, is a big one for me).

I didn’t have enough direct chutzpah to get myself to go to the meeting anyhow, but I had enough to ask for help: I asked my wife what she would do.

She said, “You might as well go; something good may happen.”

And that was enough to tip me.  I went, and it was in fact quite good.  I spoke up, I got noticed (by some for the first time).  I made a splash: a very mild one, but a splash, instead of a no-show.

Mindfulness + asking for help = different outcome.