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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fear of Talking on the Phone

One big weird area of fear for me is talking on the phone.

I think I share this with a lot of geeks and ex-geeks.  We’d do almost anything to not communicate through the phone.

Blessedly, I’m missing the fear of talking face-to-face, and have gotten over the fear of talking to audiences.  But the phone remains an open wound, so to speak, in the Fearless Body.

As with my post on "Mindfulness and Chutzpah" last month, one challenge here is to be aware of the fear in the moment, i.e., right when mindfulness might allow me to choose to use the phone even if I’m afraid.  What often happens is I just go off on a non-phone-using course without it even coming to mind in any conscious fashion.  Obviously there’s no way to get control over a fear which doesn’t come into consciousness.

So this month one challenge is to remain aware of moments when I’m running away from using the phone without allowing the moment to pass.