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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chutzpah and Sensitive Posts: the Golden Mean

Since before I brought The Project live in February I've been pondering the issue of Really Sensitive Posts.

It's easy enough to talk about chutzpah-building in the abstract. And at least some of the more practical Notes From the Field are easy enough. But what about situations that involve my boss, my wife, etc., where too much frankness can blow back. What to do?

Well, if chutzpah is the golden mean between self-effacement and shamelessness, there's got to be a golden mean between gutlessly insipid posts and suicidal ones. A golden mean I've got to aim for.

I'm thinking of posting the really sensitive ones to a private blog, to be opened up when the sensitivity has elapsed. That way I can keep to a posting schedule and not crimp my style while reserving the right to open things up in the future when the material in a post is less volatile.