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Saturday, March 30, 2013

4 Interventions for April

OK, well March blew by along with its interventions.  I’ve had some juicy encounters with chutzpah – encounters that have been full of feeling and therefore taught me a lot – but not much consistency in trying to apply the month’s interventions.  This may well end up as a longer project than I had figured!

I’m still coming up way short in Do What You’re Afraid Of, or even in Become Aware of What You’re Afraid Of (although the latter has shown some progress).  For April, let’s stick with Do What You’re Afraid Of.

Three more:

  • No Matter Where You Enter the Stage, Be Interesting When You Get On It (from Kristi Hedges’ book on Presence)
  • Learn to Love the Phone (like many geeks, I shy away from the phone, mainly for chutzpah-deficit reasons as near as I can tell)
  • Speak Truth to Power (an old anarchist slogan repurposed for my Chutzpah Project)

Let’s see how this goes.